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Sony To Launch Wireless Broadband TV

Sony's wireless broadband LCD line will be available in the fall.

New York, NY–Sony Electronics has released details of its new LocationFree TV, a portable broadband LCD television system that can be utilized virtually anywhere around the world. The line will officially debut and ship this autumn season.

The LocationFree broadband TVs will be available in 12.1-inch (LF-X1) and 7-inch (LF-X5) screen sizes, each with a Base Station. The Base Station transmits video content to its dedicated, wireless, touchscreen. Utilizing dual-band wireless systems (2.4GHz and 5GHz), these two models deliver video and audio signals without interference from 2.4GHz devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones, according to Sony.

The LocationFree TVs can also deliver video contents from the Base Station via secured device authentication and encryption technology to the wireless monitor in Wi-Fi HotSpots and Ethernet ports found in hotels, airports and other locations.

“This unique product demonstrates the fusion of traditional TV and broadband IT technology,” said Sony Electronics’ Television Group vice president of marketing, Greg Gudorf. “It’s a TV, perfect for those who want to access their favorite, personal A/V contents and the Internet where there’s broadband connection or who simply do not want the hassle of complicated hook-ups, synching and downloading the way you do now if you want mobile entertainment using PC-based systems.”

The system employs IEEE 802.11a/11g for a selection of transmission channels and switches the channel for minimized interference when used up to 100 feet from the Base Station.

According to Sony, its QoS (Quality of Service) technology bolsters secure delivery of bandwidth for reliable content transmissions, even in high-traffic wireless environments.

Features of the LF-X1 12.1-inch LCD monitor, which weighs a
around five pounds, include: a DCDi video processor; angled line correction circuitry; motion adaptive I/P conversion circuitry; and digital audio amplifier circuitry for minimized distortion. It also features picture-in-picture capability, and an A/V input for connecting to a camcorder, PS2, DVD player or other home entertainment components.

The LF-X5 7-inch monitor is ultra light weight and features a slim design and graphical user interface (GUI) for on-screen universal remote access. It also includes stereo speakers and is bundled with a headphone.

The base station houses an NTSC tuner, an Ethernet port for broadband compatibility and two video inputs for A/V components and other peripherals. There is also a USB port for connecting to an optional analog modem as well as an “IR Blaster.”

The new wireless personal broadband TVs will be available at $1,500 for the LF-X1 and $1,000 for the LF-X5.