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SpeakerCraft Enters AV Distribution and Control Product Category with Nirv Line

Riverside, CA – After its OEM tipped off their control systems partnership two week ago, SpeakerCraft has officially announced a new AV distribution and control system.

Called Nirv, the new system includes several innovations that SpeakerCraft says will surpass current offerings on the market. “Being allowed to create the product from the ground up with no legacy system requirements gave us incredible design freedom,” explained Jason Craze, SpeakerCraft’s director of electronic development, who headed up the project. “We wanted the system to be powerful, flexible, simplistic to program and to operate with unparalleled audio and video quality. Our team has hit it out of the park in every area.”

According to SpeakerCraft, the system has a modular architecture, instead of a central hub design. This means the dealer will only need to buy the pieces necessary for the specific system he has designed and upgrading or expanding is as simple as adding what is needed to the network. On-screen programming has been designed to be easy and intuitive as well.

All media, data, control, and communication signals are distributed through a single Cat-5 cable. Beyond standard AV distribution, the system also integrates theater surround sound, home automation, and page/intercom into one easy-to-manage package.

“It’s the first system of its kind that allows the user to own the experience instead of having the experience dictated by the equipment,” said Jeremy Burkhardt, SpeakerCraft’s president. “The system is almost transparent bringing content and control to the fingertips of the user through either touchpanel keypads or while navigating a GUI on the video screen. The remote single-handedly takes the complexity out of owning this type of system. You have to experience it to truly understand what a landmark product this is.”

That experience will first be available at the Nirv dome in the SpeakerCraft booth at the CEDIA EXPO. Dealers will be able to see a full demonstration and talk to members of the design team. Product will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2010.