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Speco Technologies Implements New Customer Service Solution

Amityville, NY — Speco Technologies recently developed a collaborative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to track and organize customer calls. The new system creates a ticket that can be recalled should the same customer, or one that experiencing similar difficulties, needs assistance. The collected information is used to improve the quality of customer service as well as to measure product trends, bring them to product managers’ attention, and to gain assurance of product quality.

The new system is considered especially valuable to the technical support specialists that work to troubleshoot and solve problems for callers. Speco prides itself in providing technicians who are proficient in a multitude of technical emphases, as well as specializing in hardware, software, or networking.

“The company strives to make the calls as easy on the caller as possible,” Speco Technologies technical support manager, Robert McManus, said. “There is so much information that changes so fast, it can confuse the installer. We are always making strides to reduce the wait time as well.”