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Spire Integrated Systems Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Spire Integrated Systems celebrated 15 years in business with a major anniversary event at their Troy, MI showroom last month.

Spire Integrated Systems celebrated 15 years in business with a major anniversary event at their Troy, MI showroom last month. The event, in which many of Spire’s key manufacturers participated, drew in a large group of customers, who over a two-day period interacted with dramatic demonstrations of a variety of high-performance technology solutions.

Although Spire puts on a similar event every spring, this one was considered particularly meaningful as it represented their 15th year of selling and installing home lifestyle technology products in the greater Detroit Metropolitan market. To celebrate, the company held its biggest event ever, including special displays and demonstrations from top brands such as Sonance, Control4, Savant, Lutron, Meridian, Master & Dynamic, Sony, and others.

Although the event attendance was by invitation only, nearly 100 people participated over the two days. Invited guests included clients, luxury homebuilders, architects, interior designers, and others. Participants were treated to technology demonstrations, with many hands-on opportunities to try out the latest products.

“We wanted to show the latest in high technology – the latest in high-end systems,” said Navot Shoresh, president of Spire. “We feel that folks in Michigan in general, and in Detroit specifically, don’t always get the opportunity to see the higher-level technology. So we wanted to help them see what is truly possible with the latest residential and commercial technology solutions.”

Popular technology demonstrations during the event included the area’s first introduction to Sony’s new front projectors, Sony’s high dynamic range (HDR) televisions, a dramatic newly-updated home theater demonstration room, a sophisticated Sonance SLS Outdoor A/V entertainment system, and even an opportunity to get into the swing of things with an about Golf indoor golfing Simulator.

“Spire has recently renovated their theater room, and as a result, not a single Meridian product can be seen, but it is one of the best sounding theater rooms I have ever been in. Customers loved it,” said Ryan Donaher, national sales manager for Meridian America, one of the participating manufacturers at the event. “Spire’s event was so good it should be a model for all Meridian dealers. Navot and his team did a fantastic job and made the two-day event one to remember.”

“The team at Spire did a really good job reaching out to their partners in the luxury construction community, including the designers, architects, and builders, Added Jay Lazzano Director of Sales, Central US, for Dana Innovations (Sonance). “What I also noticed is that they immediately did a lot of follow-up and closed some upgrades…and stayed engaged. They really came together as a team to get the job done.”

Spire also partnered with local Jaguar and Land Rover dealers to give participants the chance to sit in and experience these top luxury vehicles during the event.

“We succeeded in presenting our clients with the latest in home entertainment technologies, in a comfortable, home-like setting,” Shoresh added. “This event stimulates their thinking and creativity as they can now see the latest technologies not in their dreams, but in an real setting much like their home.”