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SpringDeck Appoints Six New Rep Firms

S​pringDeck has added a new lineup of firms representing its sales software across the United States.

S​pringDeck has added a new lineup of firms representing its sales software across the United States. The company will offer a free license to any rep firms interested in accessing the SpringDeck platform to try the feature­-rich app for themselves.

“We are excited to begin this new distribution model of our product,” said Ryan Sullivan, CEO of SpringDeck. “Every rep in America can relate to the problems SpringDeck solves and we are excited to work with some the leading firms in the industry. We understand the importance of the relationships between a rep firm and their vendors and dealers, and believe they are the best method to communicate the values of our product.”

SpringDeck’s rep firms include Aim High Audio Sales, Audio Associates, Digital Sales Group, Integral Marketing Associates, Momentum Group, and Nutech Group.

“We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with SpringDeck and we are very excited to be on the cutting edge with this new technology,” said Cliff Clarke of Integral Marketing, one of the new firms this month. “This tool is so easy to use and so beneficial to ensuring a relevant and professional followup to a meeting, that it is sure to increase bottom line profitability to all who utilize it.”

SpringDeck is making it easier than ever for reps to succeed by offering a company license completely free, regardless if they are representing the SpringDeck or not.

“With SpringDeck, a rep can confidently walk into a dealer’s office and know he or she has every piece of marketing collateral for every brand he or she represens,” said Sullivan. “Reps can eliminate extra tasks by being able to share unlimited product information with dealers right from the SpringDeck app. Then, after the call, the rep gets a notification when the dealer opens the product email, and see what and how many products the dealer viewed and downloaded! These analytics flow all the way up to a manufacturer, so vendors can know what info their reps are sharing with the dealers, and how actively they are interfacing with the content.”