St. Louis Weber Grill Restaurant Outfitted with SunBriteTV

Outdoor Displays Used for Grilling Lessons, Entertainment Sources
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The Midwest is no stranger to summer humidity, so when Aaron Blake, electronic systems designer, The Sound Room, was challenged with finding outdoor digital displays for the local Weber Grill Restaurant, he chose SunBriteTVs for their advanced weatherproofing and temperature-resistant technology. The fact that SunBriteTVs are also designed to withstand flying BBQ sauce was an added bonus.

St. Louis’s Weber Grill Restaurant, which also houses a Weber Grill Academy where barbeque beginners and pros alike can hone their technique, features both indoor and outdoor areas. Classes utilize three high definition cameras and 16 displays throughout the indoor space so that students can follow along with the Grill Master. The pass-through bar is the conjoining feature that brings the inside and outside together—in the outdoor bar, two SunBriteTV Signature Series outdoor displays flank the fireplace and another hangs on the exterior wall of the restaurant for guests to use when relaxing outside. All three displays are connected to TV boxes using HD baluns. 

“The SunBriteTVs are located on the outdoor patio, which can be covered or uncovered, meaning that rain and snow weren’t that big of an issue for the install,” Blake said. “But we soon discovered that the Missouri humidity would be a real threat. We’ve worked with SunBriteTV before on residential installs and we realized it would be ideal for outdoor bars and patios as well.” 

The displays at the Weber Grill Restaurant, which opened in May 2016, have an audio reinforcement system on the bar that allows customers to choose between music and satellite TV. The sound follows from the central-mounted exterior display so that unit functions as the primary control for the entire outdoor space.

“We were excited to present SunBriteTV to the owners, especially with the protection from humidity,” Blake said. “And since we’ve installed them, the owners have continued to talk about how bright the TVs are and how easy that are to see. For them, SunBriteTV made so much sense and financially will save them from having to replace the displays every season due to weather damage.”

The owners and customers at Weber Grill Restaurant have been so pleased with the performance of the SunBriteTV displays that they are looking to order a fourth to add to their outdoor space.