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Stewart Filmscreen Debuts Large Venue Screens and Standard Solutions at InfoComm 2016

Stewart Filmscreen demonstrated its high-performance screen material and framing systems during InfoComm16.

Stewart Filmscreen demonstrated its high-performance screen material and framing systems during InfoComm16.

“Stewart Filmscreen is committed to creating new opportunity for our partners by consistently listening to their needs and providing the right solutions for the job,” said Mark Robinson, VP of Technology for Stewart Filmscreen. “Stewart Filmscreen has a legacy of delivering the best possible image for the application, but we’re also known for our attention to detail and our fit and finish is second to none. We simply never compromise.”

InfoComm attendees were invited to see Stewart Filmscreen’s Torrent ElectriScreen at booth C7425. This large-venue ElectriScreen system—designed with corporate campuses, educational institutions, and houses of worship in mind—gives installers and consultants the option of a recessed roller screen with an image width up to 17 feet wide. 

The Torrent has a streamlined case, designed to be only 9.25 inches tall by 12.5 inches deep—considerably smaller than competitors’ offerings and preceding Stewart units of this scale. The small case height and simple four-point mounting system allow the Torrent to fit a wider range of ceiling depths, reducing the workload on integrators. Torrent eliminates side access covers through use of offset interior endplates. Unlike many competing offerings, Stewart ensures a reinforced roller system to handle traditional aspect ratios, but also can customize Torrent with plenty of extra black drop above the image area for rooms with high ceilings. 

Torrent features a self-finishing ceiling flange for clean lines. With the self-finishing flange incorporated into the design, installations can be completed quicker, without the need for additional trim or molding. Additionally, the screen control system is located inside the case. Torrent’s dust plate removes for total access to the roller system and control connections during installation and clips back into place for a clean slotted appearance from below. With access to the control connections inside the case with accessibility from below, finalizing the installation connections is much easier and more reliable for the installer. Should there ever arise a need for future access for screen upgrade or service, the dust plate design saves time and money; adding to the lower total cost of ownership.

Because noise-level control is critical in all applications, Torrent features a 47dB, low-noise, high-torque motor system as the standard. Options for even quieter motor systems are also available. Like all Stewart Filmscreen electric screens, the Torrent can be configured with any of Stewart’s flexible front- and rear-projection screen materials (with the exception of Silver 3D), and has control options allowing for integration into virtually any automation system.

The Stealth XM screen was designed for large-scale applications where the screen must be completely concealed when not in use. Integrators can choose from a variety of Stewart’s front-or rear-projection materials. Like the Torrent, the Stealth XM relocates the controls inside the case for easy and reliable access. All functions, including screen operation, control system, and mounting protocol, are accessible via the door opening, instead of access panels. The Stealth XM trapdoor offers a hinge-less self-finishing appearance for streamlined installation. Thanks to the new roller tube design, the Stealth XM is now available in image widths up to 14 feet, significantly wider than previous trapdoor electric screen designs. 

Stewart Filmscreen will launch its newest diffusion screen material—FIDELEDY Vision 40, at InfoComm. Ideal for digital signage, broadcast, and staging applications, FIDELEDY Vision is an innovative screen system that transforms LED displays to create a film-like appearance without moiré interference. The new FIDELEDY Vision 40 screen material features a lower transmission level and improved contrast that’s better suited for surroundings where ambient light is a factor, such as those found in many broadcast environments.

New to the commercial market, Stewart Standard Solutions streamline the process for selecting Stewart Filmscreen’s most popular screen systems, and offers financial benefits to those choosing from the preset menu of products.

“Because not all applications require a fully custom designed screen system, we wanted to make it easier for our customers to quickly specify a Stewart screen,” noted Robinson. “Stewart Standard Solutions encompass our four bestselling screen systems in preset sizes and materials, and are easily ordered from a simplified menu. This fills a much-needed niche in our offering and ensures our customers can be as efficient as they are effective.”

The Standard Solutions product list includes one fixed frame wall screen, Luxus Deluxe Quick Snap Wallscreen; and three motorized retractable ElectriScreens, Luxus Model A Wall Mount, Visionary Slotted Ceiling Recessed and Stealth Trapdoor Ceiling Recessed. Each are offered with a choice of FireHawk G4, Stewart’s award winning ambient light rejection screen material; or StudioTek 130 G3, Stewart’s most asked for reference standard white screen material. 

All Stewart ElectriScreens are U.L. or ETL approved and are outfitted with Stewart’s Intelligent Motor Control or LVC system and a three-button wall switch as a standard control package. An Infrared Remote Package, RS-232 Package, and Ethernet Package are available as upgrade options.