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Stewart’s AcoustiShade Window Treatments

Torrance, CA — Projection screen manufacturer Stewart Filmscreen is offering its first window treatment product designed to control noise and black out sunlight.

Stewart’s exclusive AcoustiShade is designed to control both incoming light and distracting noise coming through windows. Complementing Stewart’s existing line of Video Conference Screens and roller products, the AcoustiShade has been designed for any commercial or residential application where noise and sunlight control is necessary.

The AcoustiShade is comprised of three main elements: a sound attenuating blackout layer that keeps light and exterior noise from entering the display area, a perforated decorative fabric that reduces resonance, and an air space with proven acoustical benefit.

The company says that unlike standard black-out-only shades typically available, its patent-pending Magnetic Blackout & Attenuation (MBAA) offers a unique single motor-rolling baton system that ensures a tight seal between the shade and side channels preventing outside light and noise from coming through.

The AcoustiShade is engineered to be simple to install and easy to operate with Stewart Filmscreen’s Quick Stall mounting option that allows for the imperfections found in any finished window system. It is delivered fully pre-assembled, allowing the installer to remove the shade system from its shipping container, place it into the window with out further adjustments, and make the necessary electrical connections. Once securely mounted and properly wired, the shade is immediately and fully operable.