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StormAudio to Demo Tech at Munich HIGH END Show

StormAudio has home cinema presentations planned for attendees of the 2017 HIGH END show in Munich.

StormAudio has home cinema presentations planned for attendees of the 2017 HIGH END show in Munich. From within Room E218 (Atrium 4, second Floor), the brand will demonstrate Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X via a fully digital system using its immersive audio processors and an active 20-loudspeaker setup provided by Ascendo.

The show also represents the global debut of StormAudio’s new AudioVideoBridging and Dirac Live Room Correction feature sets, as well as the brand’s SpherAudio Binaural Immersive Sound Headphone technology. 

StormAudio’s processors now incorporate an AudioVideoBridging (AVB) technology option, which is desgined to simplify system installation and improve performance. “Essentially, the processor and each speaker are connected via standard RJ45 cables to an AV-enabled network router that manages the audio routing, delivering real-time audio-video streams to the speakers over the Ethernet-based network,” said StormAudio product manager Sébastien Gailleton. “This eliminates the signal degradation inherent to digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital domain conversion of the traditional processor/amp chain.

“Using the digital version of our ISP 3D.32 ELITE immersive audio preamp/processor connected to 20 active Ascendo speakers, we will play all three immersive audio sound formats by way of this networked approach. We are very excited to demonstrate this capability to attendees of the Munich HIGH END show.”

The show will also mark StormAudio’s first demonstration of Dirac Live integrated into its processors. Through the use of multiple measurements and mixed phase correction, Dirac Live is a patented technology that corrects the frequency response and impulse response of the loudspeakers in a room, improving the depth, the positioning, and distinction of individual voices and instruments and overall adding to a more natural sound with tighter bass. 

StormAudio processors now offer room correction abilities as high as 32 channels, all individually configurable, with an unlimited amount of Dirac EQ presets as well as additional manual EQ presets. At the show, StormAudio will demonstrate the efficiency and ease of use that Dirac Live offers integrators. On Thursday, a Dirac representative will join the group’s presentations and discussions.

StormAudio will also demonstrate immersive audio technology in headphones. Integrated into its processors is the brand’s SpherAudio binaural technology, which, via a pair of high-quality headphones, transforms any source, from mono to 13.1, to that of a 3D audio experience. During the show, StormAudio will conduct continuous demonstrations of SpherAudio.

“Launching these new features shows our commitment to deliver continuous improvement to our large Immersive Sound Processor line,” said Yves Trélohan, StormAudio’s SVP, Home Entertainment and Luxury Audio Product Division. “AVB full digital network connectivity, Dirac Live Room correction, and SpherAudio Immersive Headphone technologies will be available from early June on our current line, and as a free software upgrade for our existing customers.”

The StormAudio hardware line consists of four preamp/processors (from 16 to 32 channels), three power amplifiers (eight to 16 channels) and a 16-channel Integrated Immersive Sound AV Processor (combination amp/processor). All the processors have built-in compatibility with Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X. 

The brand’s marquee 32-channel ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition preamp/processor earned a Residential Systems Magazine Best of Show Award at CEDIA 2016 and ISE 2017.