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SunBriteDS Outdoor Displays Selected by BJ’s Restaurants, JAVI A/V

National restaurant chain and integrator agree on the importance of building the proper atmosphere.

While they’re in very different industries, BJ’s Restaurants and commercial integrator JAVI A/V both believe that atmosphere is critical. It’s the first thing on JAVI’s website, and BJ’s strives to infuse on-brand ambience at all of its locations. Part of achieving that ambiance is SunBriteDS’s weatherproof outdoor displays, which JAVI and BJ’s trust to transform outdoor patios into inviting and intimate retreats.

Integrator JAVI A/V has installed SunBriteDS displays on the outdoor patios of approximately 50 BJ’s restaurants, including the Mission Valley, CA location (above).“We were using another brand of outdoor displays when we discovered SunBriteDS several years ago,” said Jonathon Beitz, president of JAVI A/V. “The SunBriteDS displays held up much better in the different outdoor environments we tested them in and we’ve stuck with them ever since.”

Beitz’s relationship with BJ’s dates back to the late 1990s, when he got into the commercial integration business. Today, JAVI specializes in atmospheric installations, doing 80 percent of its business in the hospitality and retail sectors. He estimates his firm has installed SunBriteDS units in around 50 BJ’s locations, including BJ’s Mission Valley, San Diego location, where Beitz’s team recently installed four units.

“It was a custom-designed location tailored specifically for the warm and sunny San Diegan weather,” said Beitz. “We usually install one SunBriteDS per location but the Mission Valley project was different. The patio was massive and called for four units. The end result was an inviting environment with a fire pit and plenty of outdoor seating for year-round entertainment.”

Beitz’s team is responsible only for the AV implementation but he said that atmosphere is taken into consideration from the earliest stages of development and construction of every BJ’s Restaurant. When designing each space, the goal is to make sure that every patron has a clear view of at least one television, no matter where he or she is in the restaurant.

From their clear, high-definition images to their sleek and slim design, SunBriteDS displays anchor the visual component of the BJ’s experience. The 32-inch models are available in black, silver, and white to integrate with any environment. SunBriteDS also offers 46-, 55-, and 65-inch models.

SunBriteDS is dedicated solely to creating weatherproof televisions and displays from the ground up. Established in 2004, SunBriteDS uses a time-tested formula in designing outdoor displays that keep out all forms of moisture, dust, insects, salty air, BBQ grease, and more. Durable exteriors prevent environmental damage and internal temperature regulation systems keep all internal electronics performing consistently in -40° to 122° Fahrenheit weather.

Beitz relies on SunBriteDS displays to perform consistently, whether that’s displaying a glare-free image during the day for the lunch crowd, or setting the right mood even after the sun sets.

“The atmosphere is a big part of the BJ’s brand identity and AV is as important as the other details,” said Beitz. “Ideally, customers will remember BJ’s not just for the great food and service but for the authentic experience they had. SunBriteDS displays are a huge part of our ability to create an atmosphere that keeps people coming back.”