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Sunfire Delivers In-Walls

The CRW-2 line expands the company's XT series architectural offerings.

Lexington, KY–Sunfire Corp. has introduced its latest compact, high power in-wall loudspeaker. Based on Sunfire’s Cinema Ribbon technology, the CRW-2 and CRW-2C center channel are perfect complements to any of the company’s XT-Series speakers. Both models are shipping now with an MSRP of $850 each.

The CRW-2 is designed for L/R (left/right) applications while CRW-2C may be configured as either a center channel or L/R. The two new Cinema Ribbon in-wall models follow the highly successful launches and market enthusiasm of Sunfire’s Cinema Ribbon siblings. All are part of Sunfire’s XT-Series, a special collection of more than a dozen of the legendary brand’s finest products.

Each new CR in-wall will handle up to 400 watts of power and boasts a sensitivity rating of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms so they can be driven with modest-sized amplifiers. The Cinema Ribbon in-walls are well-suited for both critical music listening as well as lifelike home theater – and for the ultimate in hidden high performance they are a perfect match to Sunfire’s award-winning SubRosa subwoofers.

The CRW-2 utilizes the same 6-inch ribbon and 4.5-inch High Back-emf drivers found in the larger CRW-3. The CRW-2C incorporates an ingenious acoustic lens comprised of graduated louvers which creates 50-percent greater dispersion when mounted horizontally for a wider sweet spot. For added versatility, the lens is removable for vertical installation in a traditional LCR configuration.

Intelligent Tweeter Shaping allows fine tuning of ribbon output level to match the room characteristics and listener’s personal taste. These unique features are sure to please audiophile enthusiasts who desire the highest levels of performance with the benefits of an architectural application.

The CRW-2 and 2C both employ sealed enclosures for tighter response as well as improved sound isolation to adjacent rooms. Gold plated spring terminals ensure the best possible signal contact for years to come while a clever, installer-friendly wire management design is a helpful aid for fast, easy installation.

The CRW’s paintable grille attaches to the speaker via magnets which provides quick installation and removal as well as a clean architectural appearance. Even the paint mask is magnetic for easier use than the conventional friction fit cardboard typically supplied with most in-wall speakers.

The Sunfire Cinema Ribbon loudspeakers were conceived and designed based on the extensive psychoacoustic research conducted by Sunfire founder and industry legend Bob Carver. The ribbon tweeter contains 10 feet of material for amazing detail. Its concentric winding controls dispersion, while eliminating unwanted reflections off the ceiling and floor.

Low frequencies are handled by twin 4.5-inch High Back-emf woofers, a proven and popular technology based on Sunfire’s award-winning subwoofers. Moreover, all Cinema Ribbon in-wall loudspeakers deliver extraordinary performance and lifelike imaging without any aesthetic compromise or sacrifice of floor space.