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Sunfire SunTools Setup Software Now Available

Lexington KY — Sunfire has released SunTools, an application that provides easy programming for use with its award-winning 401 series electronics and Olé-2SF interactive touchpads. The program is shipping now and available to authorized dealers as a direct download from Sunfire’s website.

SunTools TGR-401 Programming Example

• For the TGR-401 receiver, use SunTools to:

Name and assign inputs
Assign default DSP mode by input and signal type
Adjust speaker size, distance, levels and EQ
Assign 12V triggers to any input, zone or combination thereof
Easily enter AM/FM/Sirius® presets
Save/recall system templates for your standard configurations

 • For the Olé-2SF Interactive Touchpad, use SunTools to:

Configure Olé for either Main or Zone 2 two use
Associate sources with TGR-401 inputs
Assign icons to sources
Enable iPod and Sirius feedback on Ole
Program IR and macros on film buttons
Create custom buttons and pages in the Ole window
Save/recall system templates for your standard configurations
Autobuild common functions like source and volume