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Sunfire’s New Theater Grand Processor

Snohomish, WA–Sunfire’s new Theater Grand 401 Processor (TGP-401), at an MSRP of $3,500, provides state-of-the-art sonic performance with all the connectivity and processing needed for todays ultimate home theater systems.

Sunfire’s TGP-401The TGP-401, which upgrades and replaces Sunfires Theater Grand 5 Processor (TGP-5), adds a host of new connectivity, including SIRIUS satellite radio, dual Ol 2XL touchpad ports, and a VIA!migo port for iPod support. It also boasts a new industrial design that provides a complement to the new Sunfire TGA-series amplifiers. The companys new flagship model will be shipping in April of 2008.

The TGP-401 is an advanced audiophile-grade processor equipped with three HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interfaces) v1.3a inputs and one HDMI output. This Sunfire-designed, 1080p-capable switcher carries uncompressed digital video transmissions between HDMI source components, the TGP-401, and HDMI-compatible display devices. Using a simple, user-friendly connector, the HDMI protocol supports standard, enhanced and high-definition digital video on a single cable.

Another TGP-401 innovation is its configurable front panel input. Hidden behind a viscously damped, brushed aluminum door, the front connections may be assigned as Y/Pr/Pb/optical for HD gaming, or composite/s-video/analog for camcorders with a simple press of a button. An industry first, this feature is only found on Sunfire electronics. Also tucked behind the door is the microphone input for the TGP-401s Auto EQ feature. This provides a simple, automatic process to EQ all seven channels plus subwoofer. For the installing dealer who would like to perform hands-on tweaking, there are detailed manual adjustments available for each channel pair.

Will all thats new, the TGP-401 still delivers the goods when it comes to classic Sunfire features and versatility. Its array of surround sound modes includes 7.1-channel Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6, DTS 96/24, and user-configurable all-speaker stereo. Also onboard is a Sunfires remarkable Sonic Holography circuit. Invented by Bob Carver in the 1980s, Sonic Holography continues to amaze listeners with its ability to substantially enhance the perceived soundstage of any stereo recording.

In addition, the TGP-401 includes SIRIUS, AM and FM tuners, an eight-channel input for DVD-Audio or SACD, eight balanced XLR outputs, and a video format conversion system that automatically up-converts Composite video to S-video, and S-video to component video to simplify connections to the TV. The systems powerful LCD-based remote is easy and intuitive to operate. It comes heavily pre-programmed for the TGP-401, has full learning capabilities, and features optional RF capabilities for operating components that are tucked out of sight.

Ol 2XL
Based on ELANs patent-pending technology, the Ol2XL is a breakthrough user interface that marries the magic and beauty of touch screen technology, the simplicity of a keypad and the dynamic interaction of a graphical organic LED (OLED) display to bring you a whole new way of easily controlling your home theater system.

The Ol2XL offers customized control and feedback through its 2.1-inch OLED display. Using a dedicated PC application, additional buttons, with icons or text, can be arranged on the display to provide more control options such as multiple source select pages, numeric keypad and DVD/DVR menu navigation. Out of the box, the Ol2XL provides Now Playing information from the TGP-401s display.

Key Features of the Sunfire TGP-401:
The only A/V processor in the world that accepts Ol2XL F.I.T. keypads (Film Interactive Technology)
The only A/V processor in the world with a VIA!migo iPod port. Allows customer to connect their iPod (using optional VIA!migo dock) for control, and song information feedback to the receiver and Ol2XL keypads
SIRIUS-ready for CD-quality satellite radio. See the song info (artist, title, etc.) right on your TV screen, Ol2XL keypad and receiver front panel
Sleek cosmetics featuring 5/8-inch solid, brushed aluminum front panel with platinum medallion provides style with function
Fully balanced design easily integrates with Sunfire TGA amplifiers. 12 volt triggered turn-on or signal sense