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SupplyStream, Azione Unlimited Partner

SupplyStream and Azione Unlimited will partner to offer special dealer and vendor programs to Azione members.

SupplyStreamand Azione Unlimited will partner to offer special dealer and vendor programs to Azione members.

“Azione is committed to finding solutions in the marketplace that help our members run a more efficient business and grow their profits,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited. “SupplyStream’s impressive technology streams stock levels and pricing data collected from our vendors in order to offer our dealers a single source to find pricing, confirm availability, and place orders with Azione vendors.”

SupplyStream collects and organizes industry product information (e.g., pricing, availability, specifications, videos) and then presents it in a comprehensive yet intuitive web catalog and wholesale marketplace, unique to every user. With this unique catalog, SupplyStream offers a single place for dealers to research, propose, and order all of their products online. Tangible benefits to Azione dealers and vendors include:

oA system for keeping product data up-to-date through a simple data feed, taking the burden off the vendors
oA user-friendly web platform makes it easy for dealers to place orders for all product categories, to all Azione vendors, from one place
oDealer members have access to the industry’s most comprehensive online product catalog
oDealer members have access to a simple and efficient web-based proposal tool

“Our goal at SupplyStream is to make it easier for dealers to find product information and place orders on the web. We’re thrilled to deliver that experience to Azione dealers,” said Kirk Chisholm, Founder and CEO of SupplyStream. “In fact, in a recent survey of Azione dealers that asked them to pinpoint one thing that would make it easier to do business with Azione vendors, the answers were consistent across the board: online ordering from one website. Knowing that SupplyStream is a solution that’s both needed and wanted by the Azione members makes this partnership that much more exciting for all of us.”

Through the special dealer program, Azione dealers will receive a discount on their SupplyStream subscription as well as full access to, a private marketplace for dealers to buy, sell, and trade excess inventory.