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SurgeX Reveals Control4 Certified Products

SurgeX has revealed that the Axess SX-AX15, Axess Elite SX-AX15E, and Axess Ready SA-82-AR are now Control4 Certified.

SurgeX has revealed that the Axess SX-AX15, Axess Elite SX-AX15E, and Axess Ready SA-82-AR are now Control4 Certified.

SurgeX Axess ELITE SX-AX15E.

The Axess family products passed rigorous interoperability tests to ensure seamless integration with Control4 home automation systems.

The Axess line is an IP-addressable, surge eliminating, power conditioning and management system that allows monitoring and control of power distribution platforms via the Internet, 24/7. Integrators can remotely customize, synthesize, and monitor individual outlets and power settings on integrated IP-enabled devices, for a grid-like view of Axess installations. Custom sequences can be created across the entire network with e-mail notifications sent about power phenomena, based on user-defined conditions.

Axess and Axess Elite feature SurgeX’s patented core technology: Advanced Series Mode (ASM) Surge Elimination Technology. SurgeX ASM Technology is completely non-sacrificial and eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances. This proprietary technology protects AV and other equipment from power disturbances that can disrupt sound quality and digital performance, and is part of a professional grade power product line offering greater protection than traditional surge suppression solutions.

“We’re proud to be recognized as Control4 certified. SurgeX is a leader in surge protection and energy intelligence and our Axess products represent a new and innovative technology that will benefit Control4 dealers as they meet the power management and protection needs of their clients,” said Rick Komendera, vice president, global accounts. “Our Axess products work especially well with automation systems since they offer monitoring and management functionality that can be invaluable when working with multiple electronic systems in a home or business.”

“Control4 has long held the view that in order to drive home automation adoption, then everything in the home must work together,” said Will West, CEO of Control4. “Control4 Certified products improve the operation of home theaters, multi-room music, lighting, temperature control, energy management, and security by improving both compatibility and functionality before installation. We are pleased to add SurgeX to our esteemed list of partner brands.”