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SVS Establishes Huppin’s as Retail Partner

SVS has established Huppin's as the company's first brick-and-mortar storefront dealer, along with plans to sell direct online through OneCall.

SVS has established Huppin’s as the company’s first brick-and-mortar storefront dealer, along with plans to sell direct online through OneCall.

Huppin’s/OneCall are uniquely positioned with complementary products, burgeoning retail and online sales, and a customer first mentality, SVS says, making them an ideal fit.

With the agreement, SVS brings an expanding line of subwoofer, speaker and audio products to the greater Spokane, WA retail market as well as to OneCall’s online shoppers. Sharing in the partnership benefits, Huppin’s/OneCall gains game-changing audio products, and SVS optimizes its dealer facing strategy.

Huppin’s has been family-owned and operated since 1908, when it was opened as a tailor shop decades before subwoofers were invented, at a time when the cutting edge audio technology was record players with compressed air speakers. Over the years, Huppin’s expanded into cameras, radios and hi-fi gear; in 1994, they added their online retail arm; and three years ago opened their second retail location.

Huppin’s/OneCall will also be a key partner in the launch of the new SB13-Ultra high-performance subwoofer, which begins shipping at the end of September but can be pre-ordered now. “The SB13-Ultra subwoofer brings SVS’s lauded Ultra performance to a form factor that works in almost any room, and much like the Huppin’s partnership, will open our technology to a much wider audience,” said Gary Yacoubian, president, CEO and managing partner of SVS.

Current Huppin’s/OneCall president and fourth generation owner Murray Huppin said, “SVS’ approach to business is consistent with the ideals we’ve had at Huppin’s for over 100 years, and they will be a valuable, sought-after addition to our product line. Having just finished product training, our staff had a great time listening to and learning about the SVS line. This is going to be great partnership for both our companies.”

“In a decade where specialty retailers are shuttering their business, Huppin’s has continued to expand and grow their business. Their reputation for excellent customer service is surpassed only by their customer satisfaction; and that’s the kind of company we want to do business with,” said Yacoubian.