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SVS Ups Marketing Focus, Hires Ted Sindzinski

SVS audio sharpens marketing focus with new hire, Ted Sindzinski, and elevates valuable veteran Dan Marks to senior director of operations.

SVS announced the appointment of Ted Sindzinski as senior director of marketing. Sindzinski is an experienced digital marketer and brand strategist who has worked in a consulting role with SVS for the past three years, serving as an important marketing decision maker during that time.

Ted Sindzinski joins SVS as senior director of marketing.

“Ted has been a huge part of SVS’s stratospheric rise over the last three years,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS president. “His deep understanding of the SVS brand vision and our unique go-to-market strategy make his insights incredibly valuable. He stimulates dialogue and isn’t afraid to disagree or give props, which is so valuable in a team setting.”

The recipe for SVS’s rapid growth includes selling critically acclaimed speakers, subwoofers, and audio accessories both at retail and online. The company maintains touch points with customers through multiple channels and delivers technical expertise to customers via email, over the phone, and social media. Sindzinski will use his knowledge of marketing trends and digital tactics to direct SVS’s hugely important print and digital advertising, search engine marketing, and social media campaigns.

“Between Monster and SVS, I’ve worked with Ted for almost five years now so I know what a unique marketing talent he is,” Yacoubian said. “His combined knowledge of analytics, demography, and every aspect of marketing from social media strategy to print advertising have helped SVS drastically grow its sales and brand awareness footprint.”

An avid outdoor enthusiast and rock climber, Ted currently lives in Vancouver, Washington.

SVS has also announced the promotion of Dan Marks to senior director of operations. Dan has played a critical role in every SVS product launch from the past decade. Marks is directly involved with product testing and customer service and his knowledge of subwoofer and speaker technology is engineer-level, making him an irreplaceable part of the SVS team. Marks’ work on forging new partnerships is helping the company move in an exciting and unique direction creating a hybrid between traditional ecommerce and dealer solutions to better serve their customers.