Tech Entrepreneur Jim Clark Launches CommandScape

Suite Of Products Designed To Redefine The Way Consumers Manage Homes, Businesses
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Jim Clark, serial entrepreneur and founder of Silicon Graphics, Netscape, WebMD, MyCFO, and Shutterfly has launched CommandScape, an integrated building management and operating system for commercial and premium residential properties. The CommandScape suite of products and services integrates video surveillance, security, lighting, and more, and introduces a new cybersecure platform that delivers total control and connectivity for commercial buildings and larger homes.

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Jim Clark, Commandscape founder

“There has been limited building management innovation over the last several years and in turn, there remains a need for a highly secure and integrated control system suitable for commercial properties and large homes,” Clark said. “CommandScape solves that problem with the next generation of security and control that allows users to connect and manage their property though an intuitive application anywhere and anytime. Our world class leadership and engineering teams have worked to perfect the system for anyone who is authorized to interact with it.”

CommandScape introduces a new standard to the industry with an operating and control system that features a customized floor plan represented on a user interface. The CommandScape Navigator app opens instantly, and users can find and interact with the rooms and devices that they wish to control from anywhere in the world. CommandScape delivers the highest level of cybersecurity while accessing and managing properties using the same secure certificate process invented by NetScape. Instead of relying on username/password combinations, the solution uses device-based encryption to create instant connectivity and prevent unauthorized access.

CommandScape allows you to authorize individuals and specify access to your properties via individual certificates, assign different levels of permission, and limit or grant access tospecific areas, rooms or functionality. At launch, CommandScape will provide physical and cyber security, lighting, shade control, video surveillance, and the ability to incorporate motion detection for automation and notification purposes. Additional building management capabilities, including climate control, energy monitoring, access control, home entertainment, and multimedia are on the product roadmap for the future.

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CommandScape enables integrators to present their clients with new technology that the company says is not available on the market today. In addition to being accessible and easy to set up for an integrator, it’s also designed to be easily transferrable to a property manager or end consumer. With CommandScape Editor, technology professionals are able to customize schedules, presets, automations and alerts to cater to clients’ personal preferences. Integrators can also remotely troubleshoot client systems saving time and money for both.

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Don Boerama

In conjunction with CommandScape’s launch, Clark is appointing Don Boerema as president and CEO. Boerema is an accomplished executive with a history of blending sales and marketing expertise with operational acumen to introduce creative strategies, grow revenues, and cut costs. He joins CommandScape from The ADT Corporation where his latest role was senior vice president and chief corporate development officer, directing corporate strategy, market and business development, and mergers and acquisitions. During his time at ADT he also was the chief marketing officer, overseeing all marketing and corporate communications for the residential and commercial business segments.

“CommandScape’s highly skilled and accomplished team is bringing a compelling experience to customers and integrators alike.” Boerema said. “CommandScape provides property owners an integrated experience that offers flexibility, customization and peace of mind through a sophisticated combination of hardware and software. We built this solution with very clear customer needs in mind and are committed to deliver secure solutions that delight our customers with every aspect of our system.”

CommandScape is looking to build an “ecosystem” of selective partners and integrators to ensure all the personalized needs of its customers are met. The company plans to go beyond a platform-oriented approach to serve as a full-service provider, eliminating complications such as third-party software engineers, ultimately giving time and money back to its partners and integrators.

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