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Tendril Electrical Outlet

Boulder, CO–Tendril, a provider of Residential Energy Management System (REMS) for the utilities industry, has revealed that ZigBee has certified the Tendril Outlet, making it an official ZigBee Smart Energy device and the worlds first ZigBee certified Smart Energy Outlet.

 Tendril Outlet is a 3-prong, Smart Energy electrical outlet that can be mounted over and used in place of a standard home outlet to monitor the energy efficiency of any electrical appliance or device. Multiple Tendril Outlets in the same home can be tracked individually or as a group over the Internet giving the consumer insight into and control over their household energy footprint.

Tendril Outlet makes it easier for consumers everywhere to use ZigBee Smart Energy and become more efficient with their energy consumption, said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. They join a growing list of companies creating ZigBee Smart Energy products that help leading utility companies introduce Smart Grid programs to further improve energy efficiency.

 We are enormously proud of this accomplishment, said Adrian Tuck, CEO, Tendril Networks Inc. True 21st energy conservation can only be achieved by extending the smart grid to the consumer and empowering them with ZigBee Smart Energy devices like our Tendril Outlet. This development one of the first steps in making this vision a reality

More About Tendril EMS
Tendril Energy Management System (EMS), is the first open, standards-based software and hardware system that improves a utilitys operation efficiency by engaging residential consumers in a dialogue about reducing load continuously and at critical peak times. Its open architecture provides a seamless integration to any ZigBee Smart Energy products for the home. Tendril EMS can verify consumer behavior, allowing utilities to target incentive and reward programs to consumers that make the biggest difference in consumption. By giving consumers information, disaggregation and control, utilities can help customers reduce consumption and improve their customer experience.

 Tendril EMS helps utilities improve their operational efficiency by working with consumers to shape load. EMS allows utilities to meet and exceed the anticipated wave of government regulatory requirements covering energy efficiency. The system is configurable for the utility’s entire population from non-networked homes to those with central HVAC or broadband connections. Its full, open APIs integrate with existing back office enterprise systems including meter management and billing systems as well as load monitoring and security applications.