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The Cinema Connoisseur Releases Issue 4

Includes Cinema Sommelier review of ‘Captain Marvel’ and a look at the accomplishments of composer John Williams.

The Cinema Connoisseur Issue 4

It is always a great pleasure to announce another issue of The Cinema Connoisseur. For me, it is a celebration, which is fitting because this fourth issue of The Cinema Connoisseur is just that, a celebration issue!

We celebrate good clean fun with a Cinema Sommelier review of Captain Marvel. A sight- and sound-packed film that features the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female protagonist and a retro feel to years some of us may remember as good times. We celebrate excellence, teamwork, and doing what it takes to get it right. Cinema Stories is all about a cinema connoisseur couple who show their appreciation by making amazing use of their private cinema in a great variety of ways. Some are more meaningful than one might expect from an entertainment space!

Speaking of variety, we explore an art form other than film and cheer on our colleagues who are creating some of the most immersive sounds since the innovation of immersive audio — immersive music, both new and remastered! Our Cinema Intelligence feature celebrates these extraordinary works and the potential of this emerging entertainment while at the same time encouraging music lovers to support the development of the art to excel in private cinema environments. Yes, please!

We are celebrating the career and accomplishments of one of the most beloved and important figures in film history, John Williams. Who, at 90 and after 52 Oscar nominations (so far), has hinted at retirement. We thank you for scoring our story, Mr. Williams! And, because we are a community of not only private cinema owners, designers, integrators, and innovators, we are a community of artists and talent; our Cinema Inspiration article celebrates giving back, mentoring, and inspiring the next generation for new and unimaginable heights.

Finally, and fitting, we celebrate one part of the cinema connoisseur community getting together as CEDIA Expo is right around the corner. The Cinema Connoisseur will be there, and I hope to see you as well! I hope you enjoy this issue and are inspired to gather with those in your neighborhood of the cinema connoisseur community and celebrate what we are so fortunate to be part of.

A Hui Ho,