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The DaVinci Group Issues 100th WarrantyPlus Program Credit

The DaVinci Group (TDG) has achieved a new dealer support milestone – it has issued its 100th credit as part of its WarrantyPlus dealer support program.

The DaVinci Group regional sales manager Bill Muster (L) shakes the hand of Terry Wolfer (C) upon the presentation of a WarrantyPlus (credit to the Foresight Systems founder and their operations manager Dale Hamilton (R). 

The DaVinci Group (TDG) has achieved a new dealer support milestone – it has issued its 100th credit as part of its WarrantyPlus dealer support program. In a small ceremony conducted on July 20, regional sales manager Bill Muster officially presented the WarrantyPlus credit to Terry Wolfer, founder, and Dale Hamilton, operations manager, of Foresight Systems of Chandler, AZ. Due to hidden shipping damage, Foresight Systems needed to swap out a TDG speaker model, and in the process received a new speaker for its client and a $75 credit for itself to offset the cost of sending a truck to effect the swap in the client’s home.

TDG first created the WarrantyPlus program in 2014 in recognition of the reality that integrators were seeing their profits eroded whenever they had to roll a truck to a client’s home in order to swap out a speaker being returned on a warranty exchange. Although the client would get the new speaker for free under the warranty, the integrator often has to eat the cost of rolling the truck to effect the exchange. This reality greatly erodes the dealer’s profit on the sale and installation of that speaker. 

TDG management, who all have an extensive experience in the custom integration community, decided that the industry’s standard operating procedure for the issue of product exchanges was not only costly to integrators, it was also unfair. TDG decided to do something about it and launched the WarrantyPlus program.

“The DaVinci Group’s success is directly tied to the success of our integrators’,” said Jeff Francisco, president and CEO of The DaVinci Group. “Many brands will say they back their products with warranty programs, but fall short whenever the situation actually arises. The point of our WarrantyPlus program is to ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to exceptional dealer support. It’s not often when one of our dealers will experience the need to swap out a TDG speaker, but when that need arises, I want that dealer to feel completely confident that TDG stands 100 percent behind our product and our integrators, offering them an allowance that reduces their cost of executing the swap and protects their profit on the sale of that TDG speaker.”

TDG was among the first to offer this type of support program upgrade to its entire dealer base – a program they are able to offer due to the reliability of TDG products. In the three years this program has existed, the company has shipped hundreds of thousands of TDG speakers, and yet in that time it has only had to issue 100 such WarrantyPlus credits. 

However, the key to the success of TDG’s WarrantyPlus program is that it provides dealers with peace of mind when choosing which products to install in their most important installations. Not only is it very unlikely an issue will arise, but if it does, the company will jump into action to resolve the situation with an instant replacement and an instant credit. WarrantyPlus helps the dealer stay focused on the most important thing—taking care of the client—with little fear of taking a hit to profits in the process.

“The DaVinci Group is one of our most reliable suppliers and our go-to brand on most of our installations,” said Terry Wolfer, founder of Foresight Systems. “The product is simply amazing and it never breaks. But if it does, the company takes care of the situation immediately. We appreciate their WarrantyPlus program, their many other integrator-savvy support options, and their partnership.”

Foresight Systems has been providing integration services for residences in the Chandler, AZ area since 1995. A low-voltage integrated systems specialist, clients look to Foresight for security, smart home, connectivity, internet, telephony, intercom, home theater, distributed audio/video, and central vacuum systems services.