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The Resi Weekly Top 10 – 01.28.22

The most visited stories on from January 21–27, 2022.

Welcome to the Resi Weekly Top 10, where we recognize the most visited stories on over the past 7 days and count them from 10 down to 1.


Here are the links for this week’s top 10 stories.

  1. Review: Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Streaming Laser Projector
  1. Blog: The Importance of Frenemies
  1. Review: PowerShades Motorized Roller Shade Systems
  1. Residential Systems, TWICE, and TechRadar Pro Announce Picks Awards Winners for CES 2022
  1. Supercalibrations Uses Dirac Live for the Finishing Touch
  1. Snap One Acquires Staub Electronics
  1. Names the Top 10 Voice Commands of 2021
  1. Tech Integration in the Kitchen and Bath
  1. The CI Guide to the TVs of 2022

And the #1 story for the week ending January 28, 2022 is…

  1. Paul Starkey vs. Staffing