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The Resi Weekly Top 10 – 03.04.22

The most visited stories on from February 25–March 3, 2022.

Welcome to the Resi Weekly Top 10, where we recognize the most visited stories on over the past 7 days and count them from 10 down to 1.


Here are the links for this week’s top 10 stories.

  1. Pioneer Music Company Opens New Minnesota Location
  1. ProSource Announces 2021 Members of the Year
  1. LG Debuts First 2022 4K LG Cinebeam Projectors
  1. How to Work With Orro
  1. Case Study: The CI as a Realtor’s Best Friend
  1. What’s So Smart About Smart Homes?
  1. Blog: How Writing Improves Our Thinking
  1. Building the Ultimate Employee Tractor Beam
  1. Blog: ‘Funting’ For the Win

And the #1 story for the week ending March 4, 2022 is…

  1. Blog: Perspective: Dollars Versus Percent