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The Resi Weekly Top 10 – 05.31.24

The most visited stories on from May 24-30, 2024.

Welcome to the Resi Weekly Top 10, where we recognize the most visited stories on over the past 7 days and count them from 10 down to 1.

Resi Weekly Top 10

Here are the links for this week’s top 10 stories.

  1. Hands-On With the eero Pro 6 PoE Gateway and Access Point
  1. Case Study: The Work-From-Home Theater
  1. Banking on Boca Tech
  1. Grimani Systems Releases Ceiling Speaker With Small Acoustic Port
  1. Review: Josh One and Josh Micro Control System
  1. Cambridge Audio Evo Adds VU Meters Via OTA Update
  1. Showroom Showcase 2024
  1. Internal Referrals For the Win
  1. Marantz Introduces Model M1 Compact Streaming Amplifier

And the #1 story for the week ending May 30, 2024, is…

  1. Making Tech and Design Relatable Through Showrooms