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The Weekly Peek — May 6, 2022

A look inside some of the luxury homes currently for sale across the country.

Whenever a listing for a mega-mansion comes across my inbox, I love to look at the pictures and try to spot the tech or make my best guesses as to what they have going on technology-wise throughout the home. I also like to look at the design decisions made and imagine what could be done differently.

If I enjoy doing that, I’d imagine quite a few of you do, too. So, each week we will post some current listings so we can all take a look and imagine the possibilities if the new owners become clients.

Luxury Home - Detroit

Detroit Suburb Estate

One of the features touted about this massive 8152-square-foot mansion is that it is a “smart home that can be controlled at the touch of a button.” We didn’t see any touchpanels in any room in the gallery, so it is a very discreet installation.

Take the tour:

Home Theater - Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, VA Home

Compared to the previous mansion, this 6000 square-foot home may seem small, but it has a lot of open space and the previous owners may have cleaned out the place, but they left the remnants of their home theater in the basement.

Take the tour:


Luxury Home Yard - California

Happy Valley Estate — California

This $8 million compound in Lafayette, CA, paid special attention to the outdoor areas. While many amenities are listed, there is no mention of the tech outside, although you can see plenty of under-eave speakers and the stunning lighting design. The inside isn’t too shabby either!

Take the tour: