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THIEL Audio Turns 30

To celebrate three decades in the industry, the company will issue two new loudspeaker models.

Lexington, KY–THIEL Audio will mark 30 years in the audio marketplace in 2007. Starting out in co-founder Jim Thiel’s garage back in 1976, the company now has fifteen diverse models of THIEL loudspeakers shipping to over 30 countries and built in a 35,000-square-foot facility in Lexington.

Jim Thiel’s early research helped pioneer the principles of time and phase coherent loudspeakers through the application of phase-correct crossover networks and time-aligned drivers. His research in subwoofer design has resulted in three patents, all incorporated within THIEL’s SmartSub line of subwoofer products.

The company now has two new loudspeaker models for 2007: the SCS4 and the CS3.7. The floor-standing CS 3.7 features a hybrid enclosure made of sculpted wood and aluminum. The SCS4 is a bookshelf-sized speaker uniquely suited to deliver outstanding front, rear, or center channel performance regardless of listener position or speaker location, making it ideal for a traditional music system or for movie soundtrack applications.

Beyond the confines of Jim Thiel’s lab and testing facility, THIEL president Kathy Gornik, responsible for the company vision, policies, and marketing strategy, was reelected chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) for 2004 after serving in 2003, and currently serves on CEA’s executive board. She is also a past chairperson and current vice-chairperson of CEA’s Audio Division as well as the founder and first chairperson of the High Performance Audio Subdivision, a CEA group she helped to create.

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