Third-Gen Z-Wave Chip in Mass Production

Next generation of wireless home control technology is now readily available to consumers.
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Fremont, CA--Zensys, developer of Z-Wave wireless home control standard, has announced that its third-generation Z-Wave chip--the ZW0301--is in mass production.

Z-Wave enables one-touch wireless control of a wide variety of home devices including lighting, entertainment, blinds, appliances, HVAC, access, and security systems. New features of the Z-Wave ZW0301 Single Chip include the ability to support battery-to-battery networks, lower power consumption, and full interoperability with previous Z-Wave products. Depending on the volume, the ZW0301 has 15 to 30 percent lower cost than the 200-series generation of Z-Wave chips.

The third generation Z-Wave chip will assist with the development of new marketplace opportunities, such as digital home healthcare and energy conservation.

One of the primary benefits of the next generation Z-Wave chip is its lower power consumption, which will enable its use in a greater variety of consumer electronics products and further grow the number of companies developing Z-Wave products, stated Mark Walters, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance.

Z-Wave-enabled products are already available from leading consumer brands in more than 170 products. More then 160 companies--including Cooper Industries, Danfoss, Intel, Intermatic, Leviton, Monster, Universal Electronics (UEI), and Wayne-Dalton--are members of the Z-Wave Alliance and have selected Z-Wave as their home control technology of choice.