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Tigerpaw Software Releases New Version

Tigerpaw Software Inc. has released Tigerpaw 12.

This release offers a more streamlined version of Tigerpaw, which was refined to be more intuitive, according to the company.

Three of the six enhancements in Tigerpaw 12 came out of a live design session at the company’s last national user conference. During the session, hundreds of users provided their insights regarding enhancements to Tigerpaw via text messaging and polling software. This live design session further expands the user-driven model used by Tigerpaw, which includes frequent meetings with their Customer Advisory Group (CAG). CAG members help refine suggestions given to Tigerpaw via various channels into an actionable development plan for each new release.

“We take pride in listening to our customers, and this release was completely driven by user feedback,” said James Foxall, president of Tigerpaw Software. “Whether submitted through our community, our feedback process, CAG or as part of the Tigerpaw Live Design session during our last user conference, our developers addressed over 500 user requests in Tigerpaw 12.”

Key advances in Tigerpaw 12 include:
• Updating Service Orders from a Task – Save time by updating key service order information from the task.
• Viewing Service Orders for Associated Technicians – Display all of the service orders assigned to a technician as an associated tech on the Service Orders list view.
• Renaming Price Book Items – Better manage your price book with the ability to rename price book items by changing their Item ID.
• Hiding Inactive Reps – Gain efficiencies when assigning reps in Tigerpaw as inactive reps, which are no longer visible in the drop down menus throughout the software.
• Merging Contacts Easily – Clean up the company’s database by merging contacts for the same account.