TiO Offers Reward to 'Yellow Belt Ninjas'

Company Will Credit $100 to First 500 to Earn Yellow Belt Certification
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Anuva Automation, manufacturer of TiO (Turn it On) automation products, will credit $100 to the personal accommodation accounts of the first 500 "ninjas" to earn Yellow Belt certification from the company.

These "Yellow Belt Ninjas" who are working with an authorized TiO Dealer are also eligible for accommodation purchases of TiO products for their personal use at a 50-percent discount off regular dealer prices.

The TiO Ninja Yellow Belt course, unveiled in August, consists of three modules: Setting up TiO; TiO Audio Essentials; and TiO Lighting and Climate Control Essentials. TiO is rewarding the first 500 people who earn their Yellow Belt through the TiO Ninja Training Program a $100 credit to their personal accommodation account as a reward for their dedication to TiO learning, equivalent to more than $300 of purchasing power at regular MSRP. The Yellow Belt training course provides the skills to fully install and configure basic TiO systems that include music, lighting, and climate control.

“We want to congratulate those who have completed the TiO Ninja Yellow Belt course and welcome those interested in taking the course,” said Vinu Patel, CEO of Anuva Automation. "We believe in rewarding those who support TiO, and providing a $100 product credit is just the beginning of the rewards coming to those who learn about TiO’s technology. TiO is committed to quality training and providing the highest quality products.”

The TiO Ninja Training Program includes eight different levels of advancement beginning with the White Belt training and concluding with TiO Ninja Black Belt, which will earn national recognition at an annual awards dinner hosted by Anuva Automation. The TiO Ninja Training Program was built to advance dealer education with end users in mind.