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TiO Preps ISE 2015 Exhibit for European Market

The exhibit will include a demonstration of the new MTL-4, a European version of the manufacturer’s TouchLite 4 universal lighting controller.

Anuva Automation will exhibit TiO brand automation products at ISE 2015, booth #12-B82, this week. The exhibit will include a demonstration of the new MTL-4, a European version of the manufacturer’s TouchLite 4 universal lighting controller. The TouchLite 4 is the industry’s first and only load-agnostic lighting and fan controller, giving users the ability to control, dim and program a variety of lighting types easily within the same system.

The addition of the TouchLite 4 to the European market expands the TiO automation ecosystem, building upon the StealthStream 1 amplified streaming audio player which is now shipping. Capitalizing on TiO’s signature ease of use, each component benefits from the same intuitive touchscreen app installation process. In addition to the Android app already available TiO will also demonstrate the new iOS app, which is now in the Apple certification process and will be available soon. Through the app, users are empowered to create unique audio, lighting and multimedia environments in every room of their home.

“TiO set out to build a system focused on the end-user experience and we ended up reinventing ourselves in the process,” said Mike Anderson, president of Anuva Automation. “Anuva now brings leading U.S. manufacturing quality and capabilities to the most versatile home control system on the market. Integrators will spend less than one minute configuring each TiO system element to give users infinite options at their fingertips.”

Drawing on technology protected by multiple patents, the TouchLite 4 offers installation and configuration in a matter of minutes and the ability to control incandescent, LED, CFL, MLV, or ELV lighting, even different types on the same circuit. The TouchLite 4 also controls fans, motors and other load types. Additionally, new app feature development has added the ability to fine-tune lights’ dimming ramp rate. The new model utilizes the familiar one, two or four-button touch sensitive control pad to adjust lights, music, or any combination of controlled systems. Adjustable backlighting illuminates the buttons, for which TiO now offers easily printable label templates here

While traditional lighting control systems require time-intensive programming, the cost-effective TouchLite 4 is part of TiO’s complete automation ecosystem that provides integrators quick setup and easy scalability as their customers’ needs evolve. TiO Moods allow the end user to capture zone-specific settings and create TiO Experiences, which are a collection of Moods that work together to prepare a home for relaxation, celebration or vacation with just a click.

Visitors to Integrated Systems Europe, held February 10-12 in Amsterdam RAI, can see a live demonstration of the new MTL-4, which will ship in Q1 2015, the new iOS app, and the entire ecosystem of TiO products at booth #12-B82.