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TiO Releases Software Update for TiO Home

TiO (Turn it On) has released the latest software update to the TiO system, TiO version 3.3.

TiO (Turn it On) has released the latest software update to the TiO system, TiO version 3.3. This latest release adds enhanced audio streaming performance, real-time feedback during element association, more consistent operation for different Android versions, and more similarity between Android and iOS devices.

Version 3.3 of TiO Home boasts improved streaming and wireless performance with updated StealthStream technology. Rhapsody streaming performance has improved, enhancing the user’s listening experience. Android users will experience more consistency in the TiO Home App across Android versions KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. Installation is even easier for dealers with the added real-time feedback of elements associating with the Master Coordinator (MC2). This new software version notifies the user about available updates and automatically reconnects mobile devices after a loss or disruption of signal. TiO Home for iOS now has parity with TiO Home for Android, including the same added features and consistency. 

“We are pleased to release the feature-rich TiO Home 3.3 update providing both dealers and users with more tools that make TiO uncommonly simple,” said Sanjay Patel, president and chief executive officer of TiO. “Adding real-time feedback of elements connecting to the Master Coordinator is something our dealers have been asking for, and we are excited to respond quickly to our customer’s requests. Users at home will notice more consistency on various different device platforms, making it easier to use TiO Home on any mobile device in the house.”

TiO users can obtain the new TiO Home App, version 3.3, by downloading from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The next update, scheduled for the end of April, will provide the full TiO Pro tool set on the iPad, allowing installers to choose their favorite platform for configuration. Future updates will continue to increase performance and add features such as a new low-cost three-way switch, the ability to add shade control into Moods and Experiences, additional music services and more.