TiO to Host Home Automation Competition at CEDIA

Competitors will race against the clock to see who can configure a TiO system the fastest
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Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO (Turn it On) brand automation products, is giving CEDIA EXPO attendees the opportunity to race against the clock and compete against other attendees at the TiO Ninja Time Trials

At the TiO Ninja Time Trials, attendees will race to configure a live TiO system and capture “moods and experiences.” The TiO system allows end-users to control every aspect of their home lighting, audio, and climate through capturing moods and experiences that can be activated at the touch of a button or scheduled to occur anytime.

The company says that it hopes attendees will have the opportunity to learn how easy it is to configure a TiO system while racing against other competitors.

Each day, one hour before the show floor closes, the four swiftest “Ninjas” will compete in a playoff to determine the top Ninja of the day. The swiftest Ninja each day will be rewarded with a TiO system with a retail value of more than $5,000.

TiO is inviting all CEDIA EXPO attendees to join them at Booth 1718, and take part in the friendly competition. To add some extra incentive, TiO is offering a media division where the various personalities from the trade press will compete against each other. The four fastest media members will partake in a final playoff on Saturday, the last day of the EXPO, at 4:00 p.m. The media showdown is a great opportunity to cheer on your favorite journalist while learning the simplicity of the TiO system.

“The TiO Ninja Time Trials are designed to give CEDIA EXPO attendees the opportunity to try the TiO system and learn just how easy home automation can be,” said Mike Anderson, president of TiO. “If an integrator wants to get ahead of the competition, we recommend they visit the TiO Dojo and complete the Yellow Belt Ninja training before participating in the time trials. It’s free and will give them a leg up at the Ninja Time Trials. Also, after completing the Yellow Belt test, the installer receives a $100 credit in his accommodation account.”