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Top Features of 2018

The 12 most visited feature stories from 2018.

The end of the year is upon us! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and are looking forward to successful 2019. In this special edition of the news, we take a look back at the most popular features of 2018.

Battle of the Streamers II
By Michael Heiss
The ‘Best’ Video Streaming Device Offers the Product and Combination of Services That Does the Job for Your Specific Client or Project Scenario

2019 Companies to Watch
By Anthony Savona
A look at some of the custom integration successes from the past year — and how they set up the industry for next year.

It’s Been a Long Run, but Now It’s Time for a Change
By Jeremy Glowacki

As I Step Aside from My Role at Residential Systems This Month, My Roots Remain Deeply Planted in the Custom Integration Community

Control System Manufacturers Want Your Loyalty
By Henry Clifford

Our Vendor Partners Need Sales Growth Beyond Controllers and Remotes, but We Can’t Sacrifice Our Objectivity

Puls is Building a Repair Technician Workforce, Uber-Style
By Jeremy Glowacki
The Vision for the San Francisco-based Brand is to Bring a Technician to a Home, Within One Hour, for Whatever Repair That is Needed

All Time Lows
By Anthony Savona
The latest breed of subwoofers finds new ways to bring the bass indoors, outdoors, and in confined spaces.

Integrators Share Tips for Success in the Super-Luxury Market
By Ted Green

High-End, High-Expectation Clients are Reasonable, but Only If You Know How to Handle Them

Loudspeaker Brands are Catering to Client and Dealer Needs for Better Sound, Installability
By Jeremy Glowacki

Designs Include Higher Performance, Smaller-Aperture, Designer-Friendly Architectural Speakers and Installation-Friendly Structural Enhancements and Components

How Do You Do Voice Control?
By Ted Green

Integrating Voice into a Robust Smart Home Installation

Leaping into Lighting
By Ted Green

What You Need to Know Before Committing to the LED Fixtures Business

Home Theater Sound’s Next Wave
By Anthony Savona
Home theater speakers get a makeover to accommodate smaller spaces and additional channels.

Are You Ready for “Resimercial”?
By Henry Clifford

It’s An Office With More Than a Touch of Home