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Training Allies Develops NuVo’s eLearning

Training Allies has partnered with NuVo Technologies to build the company’s NuVo UniVersity curriculum.

The two have most recently worked together to build NuVo’s Renovia online training program.

“We are very excited about helping NuVo develop its Renovia training course and its UniVersity as a whole,” president of Training Allies, Dave Chace, said. “Renovia is an exciting new product, and is helping to reshape NuVo’s business; and a key priority is providing appropriate education to their dealers. This new program lays a solid foundation and gives integrators the information they need to hit the ground running.”

Over the past two years, NuVo has looked to Training Allies to help create new programs that make NuVo UniVersity a more interesting and valuable asset for its integrators.

The modules developed by Training Allies comprise the body of NuVo UniVersity within the company’s ProZone website.

The program has allowed NuVo to move more quickly and efficiently to provide education around their new products, and to create a more comprehensive course selection for NuVo integrators.

To date, Training Allies has built a total of eight courses that include NuVo’s whole home audio solutions, personal music servers, and programming software.

“Training Allies has been a wonderful asset for our online UniVersity,” director of education for NuVo, Steve Horton, said. “Through their work we were able to revamp and reorganize the content to make it more dynamic and ultimately a better resource for our installers.”

In addition, Training Allies is in the process of establishing a Learning Management System (LMS) that will provide manufacturers additional benefits to their online training efforts, including advanced tracking data such as participant’s test scores, their time spent taking the courses, and other metrics; which in turn will help them better understand how integrators are participating in the training, and measure their training ROI.

The Learning Management System will also allow manufacturers to offer certification programs and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the site.