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Training Reels Offers New Skill-Builder DVD

The producer and distributor's latest video training course focuses on digital TV antenna installations.

Tucson, AZ–Training Reels, producer and distributor of The Training Dept. video training courses for the custom electronic installation industry, has released its new Digital TV Antennas and Installation skill-builder DVD.

“Digital TV Antennas and Installation” is a completely new Skill Builder video, designed to teach how to achieve the best digital and analog off-air reception.

This 61-minute course will teach every installer everything they need to know how to specify and install the best off-air antenna for perfect digital and analog TV reception, said Zeynep Erkan, Training Reels executive producer.

Like all The Training Dept. videos, this DVD combines the best field and studio demonstrations, graphics, and animation to keep the material enjoyable and easy to understand.

This skill builder DVD covers:
The latest FCC channel allocations
How each type of off-air antenna works
How to do a thorough site survey
Proper signal level requirement for digital vs. analog broadcasts
How to pick the best antenna for the site
How to overcome multi-path and weak signal problems
How to combine multiple VHF/UHF antennas
How to understand antenna gain plots
How to test the installation

Digital TV Antennas and Installation also features industry experts and certified CEDIA instructors Grayson Evans, Frank White, and Rich Green.

The DVD is available online at or by calling 520.514.7273.