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Triad Distributes coNEXTion Systems

Portland, OR — Custom loudspeaker solution manufacturer Triad Speakers Inc. has been appointed exclusive worldwide distributor of the coNEXTion Systems brand of residential loudspeakers, re-launching the brand as a part of Triad Speakers’ line.

The coNEXTion Systems brand entered the marketplace several years ago, but failed to get traction for its direct-marketing strategy. It was officially re-launched at the Triad Speakers’ booth at CEDIA EXPO last September.

Triad Speakers president Larry Pexton noted that he always has admired the work of coNEXTion designer Doug Wright since he launched the products three years ago. “Doug carefully engineered the line to offer as good performance as possible from open-backed in-ceiling products,” he said. “While a different approach than Triad’s traditional sealed-box offerings, they are genuinely high-performance products which we are proud to offer to our dealers.”

The coNEXTion line is comprised of high-quality in-ceiling, in-wall and indoor/outdoor loudspeakers in two- and three-way configurations. The ZC in-ceiling series employ the brand’s proprietary Z-Tool system (for “zero tool” installation) and SnapLok angled baffle, both of which significantly simplify the installation experience. The Z-Tool system is a unique mounting mechanism that allows the installer to secure the speaker frame firmly against the drywall via four finger actuated “dogs” and latching levers, without the usual powered screwdriver or drill. Once the installer cuts a hole in the ceiling’s sheetrock, the frame can be mounted in 60 seconds or less without the use of any tools.

The SnapLok angled baffles drop into place, requiring no pre-alignment. A simple hook mechanism and three locking knobs snap the baffle into place, enabling the installer to rotate the angled baffle into the desired position, precluding juggling for screwdrivers or drills on the ladder.

“The coNEXTion line will allow Triad dealers the chance to offer open-backed products at competitive price-points while providing superior performance compared with conventional
open-backed products,” Pexton said. “I believe dealers will find coNEXTion very easy to install and configure for optimum performance in their client’s rooms, reducing their total time on the job site.

“The Sonoma outdoor speakers were the most successful product in the original coNEXTion launch; they received a glowing review from Brent Butterworth, and provide a simply amazing bass output for their size,” Pexton added. “We are particularly pleased to have this product in our line.”

The coNEXTion Systems in-ceiling ZC series contains six different models – two eight-inch three-way versions and four 6.5-inch 2way versions.

  • The z600c features a three-way configuration using an eight-inch woofer with a 1.5-inch voice coil, one-and-a-half-inch cloth midrange and one-inch, aluminum 50-degree-angle Direct Axis (no-diffraction) Extending Tweeter. MSRP $600/ea.
  • The z500c features a three-way configuration using an eight-inch woofer, 1.5-inch voice coil, 1.5-inch cloth midrange and one-inch silk dome, 50-degree-angle Direct Axis Extending Tweeter. MSRP $500/ea.
  • The z400c is a two-way design featuring a carbon fiber woofer with a 1.25-inch voice coil and one-inch aluminum dome, 50-degree-angle Direct Axis Extending Tweeter. MSRP $450/ea.
  • The z300c is a two-way design featuring a 6.5-inch carbon fiber woofer with a 1.25-inch voice coil and one-inch silk dome, 50-degree-angle Direct Axis Extending Tweeter. MSRP $400/ea.
  • The z200c features a dual voice coil, 6.5-inch poly driver with dual one-inch silk dome, 20-degree no-diffraction angling tweeters. Ultimate flexibility with mono, stereo, and surround D2 direct diffuser modes. MSRP $350/ea.
  • The z100c is an entry-level two-way model that features a 6.5-inch poly driver with a one-inch silk dome 50-degree, no-diffraction angling tweeter. MSRP $275/ea.

The coNEXTion Systems R2L series of in-ceiling speakers consists of two models that employ a “no-tool baffle” called Rotate-to-Lock:

  • The r2L-65c is a higher performance two-way distributed audio configuration comprised of a 6.5-inch poly driver and one-inch, 50-degree-angle, no-diffraction silk dome tweeter. Incorporated on the front baffle is three-way High Frequency Level Control. MSRP $360/pr.
  • The r2L-50c is a two-way configuration comprised of a 5.25-inch poly driver and one-inch 50-degree angle no-diffraction angling soft dome tweeter. MSRP $280/pr.

In-wall Model

  • The r2L-250i is a two-way distributed audio 6.5-inch configuration including patent-pending 20-degree, low-diffraction angling eyeball tweeter. Like the in-ceiling designs, it incorporates a “no tool baffle.” An I/R knockout, selectable impendence, and a three-way High Frequency Level Control are also included. MSRP $400/pr.

The sonoma Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Series
The sonoma Series features the world’s first Side Firing Pneumatic Coupled (SFPC) indoor/outdoor bass extension system that combines dual passive radiators, molded into the speaker cabinet, with a 5.25-inch aluminum driver.

  • The sonoma ten features an all aluminum two-way configuration comprised of a single 5.25-inch woofer, a one-inch tweeter and the dual passive radiators incorporating SFPC. MSRP $600/pr.
  • The sonoma twenty, wide angle single-point stereo design features an all aluminum 5.25-inch dual voice coil woofer, dual one-inch tweeters mounted at a 45-degree-angle, and dual passive radiators incorporating SFPC. MSRP $375/ea.

As with all Triad-branded models, each of the coNEXTion model’s grills can be custom paint matched by Triad, including the outdoor sonoma series’ enclosure and grill.