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Trinnov Audio and Kaleidescape Launch Program for New Customers

New customers receive 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Dolby Atmos mastered movie package.

Kaleidescape and Trinnov Audio have announced a collaboration to deliver a heightened sensory experience to customers.

Kaliedescape + Trinnov

The launch of this partnership includes a specially selected movie package promotion for new Trinnov and Kaleidescape customers. With the purchase of a Trinnov Altitude16 or Altitude32 Processor and a Kaleidescape Terra + Strato C, customers receive a Trinnov-curated package of 4K Dolby Atmos and DTS:X mastered titles offered at no additional charge on the Kaleidescape system. This promotion is available from September 1, 2021, through December 31, 2022.

“Combining Kaleidescape’s lossless quality movie soundtracks with Trinnov’s Altitude 3D audio processing optimizes the performance of any private cinema, to deliver an experience so real, you become part of the story,” says Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape. “It is only fitting that this collaboration between Trinnov and Kaleidescape includes a generous package of titles that truly showcase a private cinema’s capabilities with the most immersive image and sound experience possible.”

Mastering soundtracks from original source files, many of which have been produced professionally in Trinnov-equipped studios and post-production facilities, only Kaleidescape is designed to present movies at full reference, with lossless quality audio, delivering precisely what the filmmakers intended, according to the company.

“As two of the private cinema gold standard luxury brands, Trinnov and Kaleidescape share a common value through a deep commitment to delivering the highest levels of performance available,” explains Arnaud Laborie, CEO, Trinnov Audio. “Both companies’ products have stood the test of time and will continue to delight their owners through software upgrades that will keep their systems at the cutting edge of sound and picture quality.”

Trinnov’s Altitude32 processors are capable of up to 32 discretely rendered immersive audio channels for private theater. For more modest systems, the lower-cost Altitude16 can render 16 discrete channels. Both models benefit from Trinnov’s exclusive, patented technologies, including Trinnov’s loudspeaker/room Optimizer and 2D/3D loudspeaker Remapping.

The Kaleidescape system is designed to play 4K HDR movies with a video bitrate four times higher while reproducing lossless quality audio at up to ten times higher than any streaming device. This results in a profound difference in sound clarity and detail when playing through a Trinnov Altitude processor.

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