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Trio of Companies ‘Takin it to the Streets’

Lexington, KY — ELAN Home Systems with sisters Sunfire, HomeLogic, and ATON are “Takin’ It to the Streets” with the most wide-ranging product launch and road sales promotional initiative in the group’s history. The announcement was made by Paul Starkey, ELAN’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Building on their strong Programs in support of dealers, the group of companies will tour more than 45 major U.S. markets this spring showcasing dozens of new cutting-edge whole-house products and introducing new selling strategies for Dealers. The tour will feature in-person coverage of more than 30 new products, plus new applications for clients and special new sales tools and Road Show only incentives. This massive effort takes the Brands’ entire award-winning sales and educational teams to the streets in an effort to help further empower dealers with the technology and tools necessary to maximize sales through an anticipated continued soft market; with a keen eye on saving them travel time and money.

“Takin’ it to the Streets is the most ambitious Dealer outreach program we’ve ever undertaken in terms of size, locations, brands, and new product offerings,” said Mr. Starkey. “With this being the largest historical product launch year from the ELAN group of companies, we have opted to invest our sales and marketing dollars directly in one-on-one Dealer development and hands-on exposure to these new products. Key to the sessions will be the debut of high cool-factor new products from each of our Brands developed to meet client needs such as HomeLogic’s iPhone/iPod Touch whole-house integration, Sunfire’s media server solutions and advanced theater technologies, ATON’s signal routing products for every client, and ELAN’s entire new state-of-the-art speaker line, Elios, and its entire new face lift of system products–along with numerous other product and sales tool introductions.”

The massive road show tour is slated to launch with a full-scale preview in Orlando, Florida co-located with the Spring EHX show, March 11-14th. EHX and the touring Companies are working cooperatively to maximize sessions and seats available to Dealers in Orlando.

Following the Orlando pre-shows, Takin’ it to the Streets will work its way across the country beginning on April 1st and will continue throughout the following several months, bringing the collective Companies’ technologies to tour destinations that are all located within a short drive for roughly 90% of their dealers. Dealers will be given free admission, with special tour-only promotions offered to attending companies. Prizes will be drawn for dealers at all the various cities. And, at the close of the tour there will be a major drawing where one lucky road show dealer attendee will win an incredible prize, which will be revealed at the commencement of the tour. ELAN fully anticipates tour attendance will far surpass its most recent, popular sold-out technical conference, TechWeek, with the expectation that more than 4,000 dealers and representatives will attend throughout the show’s duration.

“We are committed to helping our Dealers improve their profits and increase their sales and marketing opportunities in 2009,” added Cat Fowler, ELAN’s vice president of inside sales, marketing, and customer services. “Special times require special support and assistance from manufacturers, and our brands consistently deliver on that need in new and out-of-the-box ways. The extreme grass-roots nature of this tour will bring fresh, tangible opportunities directly to our dealers’ front doors.”

“With the recent economic downturn, now is precisely the right time for us as manufacturers to reach out and offer additional aid and new programs to our loyal customers. The Takin’ it to the Streets tour delivers it all in one convenient, powerful package,” closed Bob Farinelli, president of ELAN, Sunfire, ATON and HomeLogic.

ELAN, HomeLogic, Sunfire, and ATON have collectively invested a significant portion of their combined training, marketing and selling muscle into the effort so that participants leave the show with new product knowledge and the selling tools they need to increase and maximize their business and selling opportunities. Since many Dealers are unable to travel great distances for training and trade shows in these times, the Companies are opting out of some of their traditional methods in favor of presenting these focused, localized events.

Additional details regarding new products, promotions, and tour dates will be updated regularly at or by calling Cindy Haley or Kim Stone at 859.269.7760. Registration is required to attend.