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Ultralink Is Going ‘Green’ With All New Eco-Packaging

Products will include six Ultralink lines.

Toronto, ON, Canada — Ultralink/XLO Products is going “green” with new eco-packaging for its six Ultralink product lines — Contractor Series, CS1, Challenger-2, Matrix-2, Advanced Performance, and Platinum.

Ultralink’s new eco-packaging uses significantly less petroleum-based resources in both packaging and transport. The reduction in size and weight minimizes shipping dimensions and weights. The new packaging is a super light, yet durable reusable zip-lock type bag. The bags are made of laminate plastic, some with mirrored backs, and all card-board inserts have been eliminated. The bags are color-coded for easy product identification, and are designed to pack onto existing retailer displays. Smart UPC code stickers can be removed to track product usage, making client billing easier and more accurate.

Ultralink will be shipping all U.S. product in their new more eco-friendly packaging beginning May 19, 2008.