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URC Adds New Home Controller, Builds Own Sonos Driver

MRX-8 controller provides easier step to two-way control from one-way control.

A new home-automation controller shipping in URC’s Total Control line will let installers step consumers up more easily into a two-way home-control system from the company’s one-way Complete Control systems, said marketing director Cat Toomey.

 URC’s $599 MRX-8 system controller in the Total Control line enables app control over home systems. 

The $599 MRX-8 controller in the Total Control line “delivers the most feature-packed, value-priced home automation system in custom today,” Toomey claimed.

Separately, the company has just begun offering its own free Sonos driver for its Total Control controllers following a six-month lapse in which Sonos drivers from third-party vendor Extra Vegetables were taken off the market by Control4, which purchased the company. 

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