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URC Adds Portfolio Feature to Dealer Locator

URC has added a new marketing feature to its website Dealer Locator.

URC has added a new marketing feature to its website Dealer Locator.

Via the locator’s new Dealer Portfolio feature, URC Master Dealers can not only provide their location and contact information, but now can also show visiting consumers their finest installs, complete with short captions, photo galleries, customer testimonials and more. Qualifying, approved installs are posted to the URC website’s Dealer Locator, where consumers can fill out a simple inquiry form that is automatically sent to the URC Master Dealer in their area. 

“We are bridging a major opportunity with this launch,” said Cat Toomey, URC’s director of marketing. “Letting website consumers know you’re in business is one thing, but showing them who you are as a company, your specific expertise, and what you’ve done for other clients can greatly further the potential for a fast decision and a profitable customer relationship. Our exclusive, first-of-its kind Dealer Portfolio feature is another important step on our path to making the consumer and dealer connection easy and exciting, while delivering value-add to our Master Dealers.”

Introduced last fall, URC’s enhanced Dealer Locator enables consumers who are interested in URC’s Complete Control systems and Total Control whole-house control solutions to quickly find and directly connect with their nearest authorized dealers from the URC website.

URC Master Dealers are placed at the top of the consumer search results in the URC website Dealer Locator. URC Master Dealers have attained their status by demonstrating superior commitment, marketing and customer service through the completion of rigorous annual training requirements and additional Total Control-specific design and technical education. All Master Dealers possess live customer product demonstration capabilities.

“URC is unique in the custom install arena in that we naturally have much higher-than-usual manufacturer website traffic due to the broad consumer understanding and appeal of universal remote controls,” added Toomey. “A picture is worth a thousand words. Delivering this unique Portfolio is sure to be a big win for our top Dealers and our online visiting consumers.”

The Dealer Portfolio feature is now live, operational and accepting submissions for inclusion. Interested URC Master Dealers should contact their URC Sales Managers for information on the submission process for installation consideration.