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URC Integrates With Big Dog Power

Integration delivers seamless residential and commercial power control and automation.

URC and Ethereal have announced the launch of an integration with Big Dog Power. Commercial and residential users can now enjoy peace-of-mind across power monitoring services and integrate seamlessly with URC’s Total Control.

Ethereal's Big Dog Power integrates with URC Total Control

The Big Dog Power Smart Power Distribution Unit from Ethereal combines all the features integrators need into one device to deliver surge protection, remote control, smart home integration, rack temperature management, and more. Twelve individually controllable outlets have power metering, self-healing, and automatic reboot capabilities for smarter and easier remote management of connected devices. When surges occur, two removable surge protection modules can be replaced without sacrificing the entire PDU.

Integrating across Ethereal’s Big Dog Power product line, URC products can now automate environments with greater power efficiency and security. In practice, the end user can use URC’s Total Control to switch on, switch off, or reboot devices such as media players, streaming boxes or routers.

Advanced benefits of this new URC integration include:

  • Unified Operation — Big Dog Power devices operate within the Total Control system for easy and secure control and automation.
  • Ease of Setup — Setting up the system is easy with expert integration, which is intuitively designed to enable professional installation from one of URC’s certified dealers.
  • Secure Dealer Access — Within a secure environment, the integration allows URC dealers remote access (with end-user approval) to troubleshoot, monitor, or adjust.
  • Monitor Power Efficiency — Integrated energy meters in the IP power switches allow for precise measurement of power consumption and enable the exploitation of energy-saving potentials. The result: lower electricity costs and increased sustainability. Capabilities include viewing each outlet’s power status, rebooting specific outlets, and turning equipment on or off.
  • Power System Resiliency — Power-cycling (reboot) of connected devices helps applications to get back on their feet. This can be accomplished either automatically via monitoring routines or by remote access via URC’s Total Control.

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