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URC Releases Collection of New Two-Way Control Modules

URC has released its largest-ever collection of new two-way control modules for Total Control Systems.

URC has released two-way control modules (drivers) for Vantage Infusion Controllers IC-36 and IC-24, and Autonomic Mirage Music players. This announcement comes just days after the release of two-way control modules for the popular SONOS music system and DirecTV. Two-way control modules expand the capabilities of URC Total Control home automation systems by enabling full integration with third-party products.

URC’s new two-way control modules expand the control system’s integration over a variety of third-party products.
“Over the past week we’ve delivered four of the best brands in the business to our ever-growing list of two-way control modules that provide fast, most desirable integration solutions for URC dealers,” said Cat Toomey, director of marking at URC. “Our goal is to continue providing full control of every major product from every major brand in the marketplace.” 

A new control module for Vantage delivers full integration with the brand’s lighting and thermostats via IP. User experience is enhanced when the installer uses event triggers and querying to perform actions based on changes in the user’s environment. A new driver, created by Autonomic, makes MMS-2A and MMS-5A music players compatible with the URC Total Control environment. The new driver supports both one-way and two-way commands, enabling integrators to assign hard-buttons on a URC remotes for features such as volume up/down, play/pause (toggle), skip next, skip previous, mute, and other critical functions The popularity of URC’s Total Control whole-house home automation system has spurred third-party developers into action, including the release of a beta version of Apple TV integration by newcomer Dash OS:

Dealers, URC partners, and third-party developers are rapidly taking advantage of URC’s Software Development Kit (SDK). URC Dealers can visit The Control Room at and find an array of drivers to support their ever-evolving needs for whole-house control and automation.