URC to Hone Installers’ Home-Network Skills

URC-Luxul Collaboration Fosters Cross Training, Dealer Networks
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Custom-install supplier URC is collaborating with professional-grade network-equipment supplier Luxul to improve its dealers’ home-network skills.

Luxul offers networking products for residential, commercial, industrial and mobile military networks.

“The weakest link in over 75 percent of smart-home systems is the network, especially the wireless network,” said URC marketing director Cat Toomey. “Through mutual collaboration with Luxul that will span every aspect of our custom business, we aim to conquer that obstacle and tame the LAN."

The collaboration includes the ability for URC’s direct dealers to order Luxul equipment direct from URC via phone, fax, purchase order and URC dealer portal. “We do not sell any other products under URC, so this is significant for us,” she said. “It’s all because we believe so greatly in the need for a proper and robust home network, which lays the foundation for any good, reliable smart-home system..."

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