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URC’s Training Courses Earn CEDIA CEUs

Harrison, NY — Universal Remote Control Inc. (URC), has learned that all of its training options–live in-person training, live web-based training, and 24/7 self-paced online training–now earn their students CEDIA Continuing Education Units (CEUs). All URC training options are free-of-charge.

CEDIA’s CEU program ensures that CEDIA Certified Professionals continue to develop their industry and/or technical knowledge base. Each CEU is a numeric value placed on educational courses based on the content and length of each course, according to CEDIA. Because CEDIA Certification is only granted for a 36-month period, custom electronics professionals must provide documentation of obtaining at least 30 CEUs through continuing education before that period expires. Up to half of those required CEUs may be obtained via manufacturer education, such as URC’s ongoing training programs.

“In this difficult economic environment, educational options for custom electronics professionals should be both time-efficient and relevant,” said Mitchell Klein, URC director of business development and two-term past president of CEDIA. “Thanks to CEDIA’s embrace of approved manufacturer trainings like ours for its CEU program, URC installers can now gain the valuable training on our products they need, while maintaining their CEDIA certifications in the process.”

Dealers and installers now can earn CEU credits by taking URC’s live courses at trade shows, distributors, and other locations, including the upcoming Electronic House Expo (EHX) in Orlando. (see for a full schedule); during its live webinars, which are offered six times per week (registered URC Control Room installers can find a full schedule at, and through its self-paced online courses, which are available any time, day or night, at (registration required).