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VITAL MGMT Introduce First Power Performance Business System

Founders Paul Starkey and Steve Firszt have introduced their first cloud-based information sharing service for integrators of home technology.

Founders Paul Starkey and Steve Firszt have introduced their first cloud-based information sharing service for integrators of home technology.

The Power Performance System, PPS, allows users to experience the traditional reporting of a One Company concept with other users, while also seeing its individual comparative status in the Group through a cloud-based dashboard.

PPS builds on the Top-Line Management System developed by Firszt, and Starkey’s entrepreneurial business model that creates a cooperative amongst its user dealers. The system uses more than 22 different productivity metrics to track individual operational and financial performance then provides ranking, trends and group averages to highlight key attention areas for the business owner.

Starkey claims this is revolutionary for this industry “because it is a continuous improvement system that has not been offered before.” He added, “Most companies will see a 25 percent and perhaps doubling of their operating profits in a very short period of time.”

At Fast-Forward Business Coaching, Firszt has helped more than 200 integration companies implement the TLM System. Regarding PPS, he states, “This is a whole new level of system for getting companies to a higher operating efficiency. While I have envisioned this system for quite some time, VITAL MGMT gives me the resources to build it and develop longer term value for our clients.”

Steve added that the VITAL collaborative model will be three to four times more effective in helping dealers build an actionable plan to increase profits.

Besides the monthly benefit of shared data, VITAL will provide a power suite of services to member companies, including 24/7 access to the dashboard, action plan monitoring, business planning, national branding, lead generation, marketing, best practices documentation, succession planning, exit strategy development and access to VITAL executives.

The System is being offered exclusively to VITAL Cooperative members, which has only recently been formed. The Cooperative works similar to a club membership, with an initiation fee and monthly member dues. An independent board will be the governance group and members will enjoy equal status in the Co-op.

The founders are quick to point out that this is not a merger of each company’s assets. All owners remain in complete control of their respective business. They do say that a national brand will be established linking the members in an affiliated consumer marketing effort, and they expect members to develop common best practices. Beyond the initial services, the members will set the agenda and priorities of the shared services going forward.

Dealers with 10 to 40 employees are ideal candidates for the Co-op. Both executives agree that to create the most beneficial mix of national services and cooperative business operations, the group must consist of a limited number of diversely located dealers. While no cap has been set, a membership of 50 dealers is considered the higher end of the limit.

Charter members of the Cooperative are signing up now and the Co-op expects to make announcements in the coming weeks.

December 1 is the first Charter member milestone with December 30 being the end of the first round. Details are available from VITAL MGMT.