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VITAL Sees Success With CI Business Mastery Classes

At the five-month mark, participating integrators are reporting positive results.

Five months into its CI Business Mastery Classes, VITAL has announced that integrator participants are reporting positive results and momentum. The desire to improve business operations for participating integrators is taking root. Manufacturer advocate sponsors are also adding dealers and business due to their collaboration.

VTIAL Mastery Class - Matt Bernath
Matt Bernath

Since its beginning in March 2022, each Business Mastery Class session has grown stronger among new and repeat attendees. A high percentage of integrators decide to go deeper with VITAL’s business platform and commit to improving their business. Brand advocates (sponsors) also report that their participation has led to existing dealer appreciation and new dealer opportunities.

Marc Fisher, president of Origin Acoustics, shares: “We are excited about our support of the VITAL Organization, and recently became a sponsor for the free CI Business Mastery Class. Wow — what a great way for dealers to improve profits and create efficiencies in their operations. This program truly can help your business!

“During our sponsored class, we met and shared our brand to integration companies that currently do not carry the Origin lineup. We are stoked to support VITAL for all Origin dealers and expose our brand advantages to others.”

VITAL’s Matt Bernath contributes a monthly column to Residential Systems based on a portion of that month’s session.

The five Mastery sessions to date are: “Growth Mindset” (advocated by d-Tools), “Accounting, It’s more than you might think” (by HTA), “CI Profit Math & What’s Possible” (by Origin Acoustics), “Profit Levers in the CI Business” (by Audio Control), and “The BIG Two: Gross Profit and Payroll” (by Paradigm). Each brand advocate is allowed to invite its dealers to participate at no cost. Other brands interested in supporting their dealer network with free CI business courses should contact VITAL.

VITAL’s future business classes are “Customer Deposits and Inventory”; “Optimizing Tech Productivity”; “Sales Comp Plans”; “Overhead Management”; “Optimizing the CI Business Model”; “Key Management Practices and Driving Accountability in Your Company.”

Participants receive a CI Mastery Business Class Certificate at the end of the 12-month series. Those who miss the live class can catch up with the recorded session. Participants can register and view previous classes at:  Manufacturers interested should contact VITAL’s Matt Bernath at 833-295-4769, visit: or by email: [email protected].