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VIZIO Settles Patent Dispute with Sony

Sony has become a licensee under VIZIO’s patent portfolio for digital television technology, after VIZIO resolved its patent disputes with the manufacturer.

As a result of the agreement, VIZIO now is a licensee under Sony’s color television patent portfolio.

“We are pleased with the result of our patent licensing efforts,” VIZIO VP of operations and administration, Rob Brinkman, said. “It further demonstrates the technical strength and value of VIZIO’s patent portfolio,”

Brinkman said that having successfully resolved the disputes, his company will continue to “aggressively protect” its rights and actively expand VIZIO’s licensing program. “As an owner of patent rights and as a licensee of legitimate patent right held by others, VIZIO respects intellectual property and we expect our competitors to do the same,” Brinkman said.

VIZIO continues to expand its intellectual property including the development of new technologies that will be implemented in VIZIO’s products available later this year and beyond, according to Brinkman. “We are excited about the new line of VIZIO HDTV’s which will have technically advanced features,” he added. “We are committed to providing the best HDTV experience possible to our customers.”