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Waterfall Audio Enters U.S. Market

Glass loudspeakers make high-end sound nearly invisible.

Carcs, France–Founded more than a decade ago, Waterfall Audio, a well-established brand of clear-glass loudspeakers distributed in 30 countries around the world, is poised to enter the U.S. market at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Waterfall’s three-way Victoria EVO is named for one of the world’s most famous natural wonders.

Waterfall Audios glass loudspeakers are individually handcrafted and designed with sophisticated glass-cutting machinery and advanced proprietary driver designs.

The first models slated for introduction in the U.S. are two of the companys newest flagship speakers, positioned to attract discriminating dealers and custom-installers with their unique quality and performance profile. The three-way Victoria EVO is named for one of the worlds most famous natural wonders, the eponymous falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe in Africa; and the two-way Iguasu EVO is named for the falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina.

The Victoria, which stands 40 inches high by 10 inches wide, and Iguasu, which measures 34 inches high x 10 inches wide, both feature virtually invisible corners created by Waterfalls exclusive glass-fabrication techniques. The virtually invisible speaker cabling is located under the base, at floor level, to preserve these models visual impact. The speaker drivers and bases are machined from die-cast aluminum preserving the unmatched feel or quality and precision.

Our goal has always been to provide a unique visual impact with no-compromise audio performance, said company founder and managing director Cedric Aubriot. Waterfalls glass-loudspeaker designs make a lifestyle statement that is utterly unique, because they almost literally disappear into the room.

Customers who demand state-of-the-art sonic results,” Aubriot continued, “and insist on uncompromising beauty and design integrity, will be completely satisfied; it is those dealers and installers who know this market and are experienced within it that we seek.

The exclusive processes that make possible the unique design of Waterfall Audios speakers were under development for nearly five years by Aubriot and his Waterfall team. Extensive research yielded new ways of machining and assembling glass panels with the ultimate in precision and finish accuracy, to form strong, elegant enclosures that all but disappear in a room, leaving the drivers seeming to visually floating magically in space.

Equally challenging was the discovery of the acoustic technologies that underlie the companys designs. Waterfalls exclusive Acoustic Damping Tube (ADT) permits accurate, extended mid- and low-frequency performance within the undamped glass enclosure, while downfiring passive deep-bass drivers invisibly extend low-bass abilities. Proprietary alloy midrange/woofer cones and a unique, silk-coated tweeter empower the specific performance characteristics required by Waterfalls designs.

Availability: February/March 2008

Suggested Retail U.S. Pricing:
Victoria EVO$5,400/pair
Iguasu EVO$3,900/pair