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WCW Opens New Locations

Windy City Wire expands in Dallas and Tampa, bringing to seven its number of locations.

Dallas, TX–Windy City Wire has expanded once again to meet the demands of the market it serves. The two new locations out of Dallas and Tampa will be fully functional with a sales office and operating warehouse facility. The two additional facilities will make seven total locations for Windy City Wire.

By mid-October Windy City’s Plano, Texas, location will be operating daily business. Windy City’s CEO, Rich Galgano, stated that the Tampa, Florida, location should be up and running by November 1. The company is still looking for a warehouse facility to go with the sales office in the Los Angeles area as well.

The reason for Windy City’s additional locations is the need to ensure exceptional service and quality to the companies’ customer base. The name “Windy City” is not localized any more, as the company has opened locations and serves customers nation wide.

The seven locations include Windy City Wire’s headquarters: Bolingbrook, IL; Secaucus, NJ; Tempe, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Kent, WA; Tampa, FL; and Plano, TX.